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Osiedle Zielony Gaj

peacefulphotoCome enjoy the outdoors. Here you will gather your strength, relax in tranquility and have peace after a hard day of work.

Nearby the center of Nowy Sącz, in the mountains, in the valley of the Dunajec River a modern single-family housing estate is established.

The Green Grove is an innovative, gated estate of 110 single-unit and semi-detached houses in the residential development, 3,5 km away from the Nowy Sącz center, in Świniarsko - Gaj, county of Chełmiec.

The architecture of the complex is characterized by harmony, elegance and plenty of green areas. It is where the name of the estate stems from -"the Green Grove Estate".

The comfort of apartments will please even the most demanding clients. Carefully thought out solutions, the flexibility of arrangements and the proper daylight exposure constitute the advantages of your dream house, as well as a good capital investment

The complex's monitoring system will guarantee peace and security.

The location of the investment ensures an easy access to the city center, and carefully designed greenery and playgrounds will welcome active relaxation.

Our property - picturesquely located in the Nowy Sącz valley is a perfect place for various forms of tourism and recreation. It is a paradise for people who enjoy long walks, hiking, biking, jogging, fishing, snowboarding or skiing.


niepelnoPeople with special needs may enjoy the comfort of life without barriers. Our houses are designed t give the disabled person a sense of safety and comfort of life.


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Grupa Harper Spółka z o.o.
ul. Świniarsko #508
33-395 Chełmiec-Gaj
  •   Telephone: 018 443 07 23
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